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La Liga: Lionel Messi unhappy with dominating coach Luis Enrique?

Updated On 2015-01-06 08:47:21 Sports

Barcelona: Barcelona star Lionel Messi, who was left on the bench during his side's 0-1 defeat to Real Sociedad, reportedly had a confrontation with the club's board of directors and coach Luis Enrique on Sunday.

The Argentine is reportedly irritated by the excessive authoritarianism of the coach, who he thinks is a "master of the dressing room". 

Messi did not attend the open training session yesterday due to an upset stomach but the signs are that the relationship is not working, reports 

In addition, Spanish daily El Mundo Deportivo also revealed bad vibes between the coach and Messi in the first training session of the year, where Enrique and Messi had an exchange of words over a foul during a five-a-side game. 


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