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Euro 2016 Schedule Fixtures In IST. The Celebration Starts Today.Download Fixtures In IST

Updated On 2016-06-10 09:24:54 Sports
Author : Saravana
The most awaited football festival UEFA Euro 2016 starts today. The football fans are so much excited as the fifteenth edition of the competition is going to be held in France. There will be more matches as the competition extended to 24 teams the cup will last for a whole month. The tournament will be held in 10 cities from 10th of June 2016 to 10th of July 2016. Spain will be looking to defend their title as they did in 2012.  In India the games will be broadcasted by the Ten Sport Network. The full schedule of the euro 2016 in Indian standard time is given below.


Date [Indian]

Time [IST]

Match Venue

Group Stage

France Vs Romania

11 June 2016

12:30 am

St Denis

Albania Vs Switzerland

11 June 2016

6:30 pm


Wales Vs Slovakia

11 June 2016

9:30 pm


England Vs Russia

12 June 2016

12:30 am


Turkey Vs Croatia

12 June 2016

6:30 pm


Download the full fixtures from below


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