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Rise India invest in Education Startups

Updated On 2015-04-28 09:37:02 others

Rise India, an aggregator in the education sector, plans to invest Rs 35 crore in startups this year as it looks to become a one-stop technology window for all schools and colleges. 

Ajay Chhangani, cofounder of the Gurgaon-headquartered company said,"We plan to reach over 1,000 schools in the next two years" which provides training and placement to more than 50,000 students in six industries including Retail, IT, BSFI and Construction. 

The two-year-old startup has a roster of education companies in its portfolio. It acquired training firm ICFE for Rs 10 crore in 2012, has a joint venture with Coimbatore based RVS Group, and a minority stake in Delhi-based English training firm Visionet. It has recently exited from Hyderabad's school chain that goes by the name of Krishnaveni Talent School. 

Rise India's announcement comes at a time when the education sector is back on the radar of venture capitalists. 

K Ganesh, an education entrepreneur who has sold his start-up Tutorvista to British firm Pearson, said he was also actively looking to invest in companies in the sector through his firm Growth Story. "This sector is ripe for disruption. There is a generational shift contributed by internet, social media and smartphones," he said. 

Rise India has managed to hit profitability within two years. Chhangani said the firm is looking for startups that provide technology solutions for school, lab-based activity and those that make robust information management systems. 



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