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Global Campaign For Education On Respecting Women

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Leslee Udwin had launched a global campaign with a boost on the aspect of quality education which is essential to change centuries of gender discrimination. The British film director made into the news when she made a documentary on ‘India’s Daughter’

Udwin was stunned by the comments of the lawyer who blamed the victim for the crime. After that she realised that it was not the culprits, but lack of gender education and gender discrimination. She thought of the noble idea of educating the child globally since childhood regarding gender discrimination and respect for women. 

And for this cause, with the backing of Ban Ki-moon, Meryl Streep and Graca Michel, already eight countries have approved her campaign. She now hopes that her campaign would reach to atleast 30 nations by the beginning of next year.

As per the estimates, the program could cost $6 million USD if individual countries met the cost of materials. Udwin said that she was working with a team of advisers and experts to produce teaching materials that could be fine-tuned to the local needs. The Independent quoted her saying, “It’s such a no-brainer. 

The amazing thing is why we have not already done it.” She also said that after her initial program gets a boots, her team will work on to educate middle and senior pupils. The British documentary filmmaker had also gained support from chief of global issues at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Charles Radcliffe. 

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