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To encourage Indian students to showcase their talent and creativity in the fields of design and marketing, Education New Zealand (ENZ) is currently running two competitions.


The first, called 'Fashion for Fleming', invites students from fashion and design colleges to design a t-shirt for ENZ's brand ambassador, former cricket captain, Stephen Fleming. Participants must incorporate ENZ brand guidelines on a black t-shirt along with New Zealand and Indian motifs.


Entries close on 30 May. The winner will fly to New Zealand for a two week all-expenses paid stint at AUT University, Auckland. The second competition invites undergraduates pursuing courses in business, marketing or related disciplines to create and submit a marketing strategy for Education New Zealand in India while incorporating ENZ's brand values of 'Think New'.


The winning entry will win an all-expenses paid four-week internship in New Zealand. Participants are expected to cover a 12-month calendar of that also fits into a longer (three-year) strategy, along with indicative budget and return on investment with details of the target audience and specific marking platforms. Entries close on 6 June. For further information on both, write in to

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