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Low rank Govt Jobs to get rid of Interview

Updated On 2015-10-02 09:03:13 Exclusive

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to drop the process of interview for recruiting government employees from the Red Fort on Independence Day this year, Department of Personnel and Training is identifying posts for which interviews can be eliminated. 

According to a report, the effort is being made to get the move implemented at the earliest. The plan to implement the decision is to begin with 'Group D' posts and extend it further to Group 'C' and 'Group 'B' posts as well. 

The move was initiated with a motive to reduce the level of corruption in government job recruitments.

According to the report, the exclusion of interviews will also fasten the process of recruitment. However, the government is trying to come up with recruitment policy with little or no misuse for posterity. 

On the eve of Independence Day this year, Modi had advocated a transparent online process to recruit government employees only on the basis of merit and end the practice of interview at the earliest.

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