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Student society relation must expand

Updated On 2015-11-06 10:26:42 Education

Education must strengthen the student-society relation and our country must follow multi-disciplinary method that led students to gain complete knowledge. Our institutions must impart education to students that helps expand their intellect, form their character, instill in them a spirit of service and love for the motherland. It must equip them to face the struggles of real life.

He was speaking here at the launch of 'IMPRINT India', a joint initiative of Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science, at the Visitors' Conference at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

I compliment the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, which is ranked 147th, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, which got 179th rank in the QS World University Rankings list of the world's top 200 institutions.

The biggest strength of 'Make in India' is human capital. Skill development is very essential for the success of 'Make in India' initiative, said Modi. Institutions of higher education should give primacy to innovation in learning.

Modi, who released the IMPRINT India brochure, said, Science is universal but technology must be local. To achieve one's dreams, innovation is the key. Society is becoming technology-driven. It is very important to understand the importance of this and look towards affordable technology.

Finding solutions to challenges like global warming and converting waste to wealth were key to the rise of India. The prime minister exhorted institutions of higher learning to focus on areas such as defense manufacturing, also calling for enhanced industry-academia partnerships.

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3 years ago

Students must gain Knowledge.. Only by gaining the Knowledge they can maintain a good relationship with society.

3 years ago

Student must maintain the good relationship with society. This will be imparted by means of Education.


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