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The Gamifying Education

Updated On 2015-11-06 10:04:02 Education Trends

The tech trends has anticipated the way of Education too.The introduction of gaming in education sounds fascinating but  experts predict that it may take eight to ten years for it to be completely implemented in the education stream. 

Kushal Bhagia, co-founder of Nayi Disha Studios, which uses motion -sensing technology to teach educational concepts to children, says, “Games have actually been used as a tool to teach for a long time. However, gaming involving computers or other gadgets is a relatively recent phenomenon in education”. 

The Gamifying Education: 

One of the key advantages of gamifying education is being able to create a scenario that might otherwise be physically dangerous or impossible. For example, chemical experiments can often result in explosions and loss of lives in reality; however, a mistake in a virtual lab, would result in a virtual explosion, with no harm done. All it would take to start over is the click of a button.

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