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OnlineTyari Mobile App

Updated On 2015-09-29 09:15:35 Education Trends

OnlineTyari is India's largest test preparation platform that provides individuals with relevant material to prepare for job-oriented tests, including the civil services, banking services, UPSC, GATE, and state government jobs.

Co-founded by Vipin Agarwal and Bhola Ram Meena in August 2014, the platform also offers adaptive learning and analytics. This gives inputs for users to understand how they've proved themselves among the pool of registered users and sections they fell short in while also offering suggestions on the course material they could use to improve.

The app is available on Android and Windows platforms. With an install base of over 2 million downloads and a daily active user base of more than 2.6 lakh people across India, OnlineTyari has seen a growth rate that few internet and e-commerce companies in India have achieved. The app caters largely to the population that doesn't speak English and is available in Hindi and English. It will be made available in other languages soon.

OnlineTyari aims to revolutionize the $20 billion market need for education services in India. It is their aim to contribute towards bringing literacy and livelihood to everyone and towards achieving a truly inclusive Digital India Mission.

Over 1 crore people appear for entrance exams for government jobs every year, often with little access to good quality education content in their native language.  OnlineTyari bridges this digital divide by making education content available on the mobile phone of every person across India.

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