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E-Class Launches Educational Memory Card

Updated On 2015-07-03 10:01:21 Education Trends

E-Class Education System Limited has recently launched its much awaited educational android memory card product for the students of Maharashtra state and has become a part of the digital India revolution. The company has introduced class 1 to 10th educational audio-video content along with question & answers, revisions and more in an sd card format. Each card can be simply purchased and can be attached to any existing android phone or tablet and can be used.

This product is a step forward to the digital dream of having the entire school educational studies in a small card. Students can use this card for their studies and make the most of their smartphones. As it covers the entire syllabus, there is no requirement of searching or hunting concepts online. The content and application works completely offline on the tablet once installed. It covers all the subjects indept and students can carry their education with them wherever they go. It converts the android phone into a digital classroom.

Since it can be used on the phone, tablet students can make use of it during their travel, vacation, at their home or even when they are doing group studies. Digital India is a step towards converting India into a digital country and education is the most important part of it. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has initiated a very achievable and remarkable dream of digital India. Over 18 million student scan make the use of this card who study under the Maharashtra state board for their education.

Keeping in mind the student's future and affordability they are priced at very low cost and the company want seach and every student of this country to study and build a strong base for the future of himself and our country.

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4 years ago

Good innovation in education. Bringing whole syllabus in small SD card is a huge move. Every student will be very grateful to have technology with them. Thanks to e-class.


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