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DU to make transcripts available online

Updated On 2015-10-13 09:51:39 Education Trends

Delhi University is planning to make transcripts available online with the note to make the submission of transcripts to a university or an MNC abroad easy for their students in which just by registering they can pay online. The university will also provide its students with a personal identification number (PIN) while registering online. 

Students can then submit the PIN to the desired university or company, which can then access their transcripts directly from the DU server. The university has already digitized all mark sheets of the past two years. The move will make it easier for students to apply abroad and get their transcripts and will also save time.

According to a senior official at the exam branch of the university, "We are ready with the plan and are now waiting for the finalization of the payment gateway, which the finance department is going to do. But if things go according to the plan, then this facility can be rolled out as early as December this year. In the meantime, we are also in the process of digitizing the transcripts for years previous to 2013."

Undergraduate students, including those enrolled in the School of Open learning and Women's Non-Collegiate Board, were all given online mark sheets this year. Postgraduate mark sheets of nine departments are also available online. The move will likely bring down the price for getting the transcripts as well. But, the university is yet to take a final decision on this. "But it will cost less than the hard copy delivery process," said another official of the exam branch.

Explaining the process, the official said, "The student has to first register using his/ her enrollment number as given by the exam branch. Then, one can select the document one is looking for. If the student wants a transcript, he/she has to make the payment online, following which the PIN will be sent to them." Students can also place a request for a hard copy of their transcripts.

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Merlin Vimal
Merlin Vimal
3 years ago

To get transcripts online will be a benefit for the Delhi University students who apply either for studies or job abroad. Providing PIN for the students for accessing their transcripts is appreciable.


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