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Updated On 2015-08-01 11:14:55 Education Trends

Talentedge, which is one of India's fastest growing education providers, has come up with an interesting survey based on the 'Digital India' campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As per the survey, a large number of people in India want to pursue online courses to improve their employability. According to the survey, Digital learning is most popular in South India with 37 percent people willing to use this study mode, followed by West India at 31 percent and North India at 28 percent. 

City-wise online education scenario indicates that Mumbai holds the highest enrollment figure of 30 percent, followed by Bengaluru at 28 percent and New Delhi 19 percent.

"It is due to the comfort level with digital education and mobile technology in these regions that the idea is so popular," said Aditya Malik, the CEO and MD of Talentedge.

From an earlier brick-and-mortal model, the people are gradually opening up to new ways to enrich their resumes and Talentedge gives them a good opportunity.

"Digital education is about hand holding. Putting a video on the web is not sufficient. Live virtual interactive sessions form the need of the hour - where the students can directly ask questions to the teacher," said Malik.

The only competition for this company is the brick-and-mortal-model of education.

"We are trying to change the way Indians learn. We offer unique experience of live virtual classrooms, which are highly career-oriented courses for the working professionals," he added.

"Whatever you do in a live classroom is also possible here through Talentedge. All you need is a device and a basic broadband connection and you can access our courses," he said.

Malik also clarified that his company is not trying to take on 'Coursera', where the courses offered can be studied at any time as the classes are recorded.

Courses like digital marketing, strategic management and business management are popular courses on the website, opted by locals and international professionals.

"On our website, we have 95 percent completion rate of the course, 90 percent satisfaction rate of the students and 95 percent rate of student-engagement in the classroom," added Malik.

The CEO and MD of Talentedge, however, said finding the best quality faculty for their live virtual classrooms is the biggest hurdle that they face.

Talentedge has also partnered with over 20 top institutes, including the IITs and IIMs, to enable better classroom learning experience for over seven lakh individuals and corporate learners. 

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