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Box for Education

Updated On 2015-08-25 09:36:12 Education Trends

San Francisco-based Box announced an expansion of its file-sharing services aimed at higher education, in a bid to tap more deeply into a lucrative market.

Box already has a number of universities and colleges as customers, and launched a vertical to target this sector two years ago. In general, the company has created bundles of its services under its BoxWorks program to more narrowly focus on industries like health care and education.

Now the company has gone one step further and created “Box for Education.”The offering adds some new services, most notably unlimited storage for higher ed partners.

Box had already been working with partners like Canvas by Instructure to provide collaboration tools for colleges. The company also said it is now partnering with Blackboard Collaborate, a collaborative learning tool, to make it easier for students and teachers to work together on documents.

Box also promised it would release new controls for Box Groups in September to give universities more refined tools for handling sensitive documents.

The latest announcement comes as Box seeks ways to avoid becoming just a commodity file-sharing service in a highly competitive market. After a successful public offering of stock earlier this year, the company has seen its stock price slowly drift down, closing at $14.07 last Friday, just a hair above its IPO price of $14.

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