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Swachata Campaign in CBSE

Updated On 2015-11-03 09:28:53 Co curricular activities

CBSE schools are going to observe 'School Swachhta Campaign' from November 1 to 15 as per the order received from Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry. With the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan sweeping the nation, this campaign will be another effort to enlighten the school children regarding hygiene and keeping the environment around them clean. This will be a two-week long programme in which various activities including Swachhta art exhibition, street plays and poster making competitions will be organized. 

According to the circular issued by the CBSE, Swachhta art exhibition should be an inter-house activity in which students will decorate school and toilet walls with attractive art work and useful messages which should be later shown to parents. One to one interaction platform will include the students getting knowledge from a technician who will demonstrate how the toilets and flush system works. However, the official CBSE website has laid the instructions that the senior class students can also participate in the poster making competition and street plays that will be hosted at the national level.

Schools have also been asked to organize a seminar for all stakeholders on sanitation with experts invited from members of NGOs and governmental organizations, doctors and other professionals associated with health and hygiene. As per the order issued by CBSE Additional Director (Research and Innovation) for the school cleanliness drive to achieve its desired goals at the earliest and in a sustained manner, the Board requests all school heads to inspire their staff, students and other stakeholders to fulfill the national mission to provide a clean, healthy and safe learning environment for all their students.

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3 years ago

Great step taken from CBSE . Its really a fantastic idea to protect our environment.

Merlin Vimal
Merlin Vimal
3 years ago

Awareness about hygiene and cleanliness to the students is important to create a clean and safe learning environment. Swachhta Campaign is a base for the hygienic and clean future generation.


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