Connemara Public Library

Connemara Public Library

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 Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India

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About Connemara Public Library

It is a known fact that Chennai city has a well-defined place when talking about landmark buildings, which have gone down the annals of history. Connemara library, certainly a pride of Madras is not only haven for book lovers and research Scholars, the building by its sheer architectural beauty and marvel acquires a special significance as part of the history of Madras City.Bobby Robert Bourke Connemara is actually the man behind this historical and landmark building of Chennai, The Connemara Public Library. Being a man of letters he understood the urgent need of a good public library for the citizens of Madras. He converted his idea into action by laying the foundation of the library on the 22nd of March 1890.


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No. 11, Inside Government Museum,Pantheen Road, Egmore,Chennai - 600008

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