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About Jinhua ( latitude: 29.1067800, longitude: 119.6442100 )

 Jinhua  (Chinese: t 金華, s 金华, p Jīnhuá, lit. "Golden Flourishing"), formerly romanized as Kinhwa or Chin-hua, is a prefecture-level city in central Zhejiang province in eastern China. It borders the provincial capital of Hangzhou to the northwest, Quzhou to the southwest, Lishui to the south, Taizhou to the east, and Shaoxing to the northeast. Its population was 5,361,600 at the 2010 census including 1,077,300 in the built-up area. One can notice that the cities of Dongyang and Yiwu are now in the same agglomeration, a built-up area of 2,038,400 inhabitants bigger than the one of Jinhua itself.

Jinhua is rich in red soil and forest resources. The Jinhua or Wu River flows through the Lan and Fuchun to the Qiantang River beside Hangzhou, which flows into Hangzhou Bay and the East China Sea. In mediaeval China, it formed part of the water network feeding supplies to the southern end of the Grand Canal. It is best known for its dry-cured Jinhua ham.


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Other Names for Jinhua

Chin-hua,Chin-hua-hsien,Chin-hua-hsien-ch'eng,Chin-hua-hsien-ch’eng,Chin-hua-shih,Czin'khua,Jinhua,Jinhua Shi,Kim Hoa,Kim-fa-su,Kim-hoa-chhi,Kim-hoâ-chhī,Kinhwa,Kinhwa-hsien,Kinhwafu,Kîm-fà-sṳ,Tin-chua,jin hua,jin hua shi,jin hua xian,jinhwa si,Ťin-chua,Цзиньхуа,金华,金华市,金華,金華市,金華縣,진화 시