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Walter Zapp - Famous Inventor

: Walter Zapp
: 4-September-1905
: 17-July-2003
: Latvia
: Autodidact
: Inventor

About Inventor

Walter Zapp (1905-2003), Latvian-born inventor who , invented the Minox miniature camera. Essentially self-educated, Zapp invented a number of photographic improvements. In the early 1930s he conceived of the miniature camera, the first of which was produced in Latvia in 1938; a number of cameras were purchased for use by espionage agencies in several countries during World War II. Zapp relocated to Germany in 1941 and in 1945 established Minox GmbH to manufacture improved versions of the camera. After 1950 he served largely as a consultant to the firm.

The innovative design and technical solutions of Zapp's camera were patented around the world. VEF received 66 patents in 18 countries for Zapp's inventions.Later in the 60's, Zapp was named as the inventor in several patents granted to Minox GmbH for improvements and modifications of a subminiature camera.On the beginning of 90's, Zapp patented his last invention, the Minox T8 pocket telescope.

Awards Received by Inventor

In 2001, Walter Zapp got the honorary doctorate of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and was decorated with the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana for his special services to the Republic of Estonia.Eesti Post has issued a Europa postage stamp in 1994 to commemorate Walter Zapp and his patented invention (Estonian patent No. 2628), the Minox subminiature camera.


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