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Steven Morse - Famous Inventor

: Steven Morse
: United States
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Stephen Morse developed the idea of creating a twisted drill consisting of two parallel spiral grooves with a straight cutting edge.  Prior to this, drills were made from a flat piece that was pointed and sharp.  He began manufacturing drills in October of 1861 with a small shop. His original patent, No. 38119, is dated April 7, 1863.

In 1923 the Van Norman Machine Company of Springfield, MA, purchased the Morse company.  In 1964, Universal American Corp. was the parent company.Stephen Morse's original shop of 1861 was in East Bridgewater.  He moved to New Bedford in June of 1864 because he was able to aquire enough interested capital to set up a new shop there.

According to the Morse Cutting Tools website: "The current owners, a group of American investors, purchased the company from a Scottish manufacturing concern, and are committed to upholding the Morse reputation for high-quality, American-made cutting tools."