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Myra Juliet Farrell - Famous Inventor

: Myra Juliet Farrell
: 25-February-1878
: 8-March-1957
: Ireland
: Self Educated
: Inventor and Artist

About Inventor

Myra Juliet Farrell was an Irish inventor and painter. she goes by 3 names. Myra Juliet Farrell, Myra Juliet welsh, Myra Juliet Taylor. she was born on February 25, 1878 in county Clare, Ireland

Myra is the woman that made the clothes line so that we didn't have to put our clothes on a rock to dry. She is also an inspiration for painting, she was an inventor and an Artist , Myra Juliet Farrell got married in the year of 1938. WE LOVE YOU MYRA< THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR IDEAS WITH THE WORLD!!!  Myra was born in Ireland on 25 February 1878 and was registered as Maria Julia, the third of six children of Marcus Fredrick Welsh and Harriet Curtis. 

a long time ago when people washed there clothes they would dry on a rock. one day Myra invented the clothes line, it's a cross like piece of wood on both sides. tied to both pieces of wood there is a piece of is a string or wire. with this piece of the clothes line then you take some clothes pins and flip our clothes onto it.

Myra Juliet Farrell had a lot of patents. her first patented was on a tailoring device that enabled a small skirt pattern in a pattern book to be transferred directly to a piece of cloth. she was also a painter and she painted a lot of paintings. she Is most know for her painting called "the seascape".  Myra held more than two dozen patents, ranging from a military barricade to a press stud that could be applied without stitching.