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Jacques E. Brandenberger - Famous Inventor

: Jacques E. Brandenberger
: 19-October-1872
: 13-July-1954
: Switzerland
: University of Bern
: Swiss chemist and textile engineer,Inventor

About Inventor

Jacques Edwin Brandenberger was a Swiss chemist and textile engineer who in 1908 invented cellophane. He was awarded the Franklin Institute's Elliott Cresson Medal in 1937.

Jacques Edwin Brandenberger inventor of cellophane was a scientist and chemist. He was mostly known as short form of his name as Jacques E. Brandenberger. He was born in the year of 1872 on 19th October. He was from Swizz descent and was born in Zurich which is located in Switzerland. He holds many edges of this invention as a famous scientist who changed the dimension of the field. He got his very early education from his parents staying in the home. Later on, he was admitted in local town school for formal education. He studied for some years in that school and got his earlier education from there.

Education and Career

As mentioned above, he got his earlier education form local school but for further education, he joined City college of Science from where he got his higher secondary school or intermediate certificate. After that, he was enrolled in the University of Bern when he was 19 years of age. He studied over there for a total duration of four years and got free from there in the year of 1895. He earned his bachelor’s degree from respective university. After his education completion, he had to start his career now and hence he did different jobs.

Inventor of Cellophane

Edwin was not much successful in his initial phase of career or it can be said that, for 5 to 10 years period. After initial failures, his fate woke up and it resulted in the invention of cellophane which made him a famous inventor very quickly. He invented the cellophane for the first time in the year of 1908 which was approximately 13 years after his education completion. As he had invented this thing but he was not satisfied with his own invention initially and keeping this thing in mind, he was making changes to the cellophane.


After a lot a work, refinements and research to the cellophane, he started the production and preparation of cellophane on commercial level. He started this work on industrial level in the year of 1920 but just after three years of work, he sold the rights of his inventions in the year of 1923. Cellophane is a kind of simple and elegant invention which is made up of cellulose. It is in the form of transparent and thin sheet and it is regenerated most of the times from cellulose. The function of cellophane can be said as that it is used for the packaging of food on larger levels because it does not allow the bacteria, water, greases, air and oil to pass through it and hence it is very important material to preserve and save anything.

Final Days

He died in the year of 1954 on July 13. He was almost 81 years and some months of age at the time of his death.