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frederick walton - Famous Inventor

: frederick walton
: 1834
: 16-May-1928
: United Kingdom
: Self Educated
: Manufacturer and Inventor

About Inventor

Frederick Edward Walton was an English manufacturer and inventor whose invention of Linoleum in Staines was patented in 1860. He also invented Lincrusta in 1877.

Walton was born in 1834 near Halifax.In 1860 Frederick Walton of Great Britain patented a process for making linoleum, the first widely used smooth-surfaced floor covering. In 1864, he formed the Linoleum Manufacturing Company and by 1869 the factory in Staines was exporting to Europe and the United States.Plain linoleum, without design, was popular until the mid-1930s, when decorative linoleum was developed. 

He died in 1928, aged 94.


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