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Donat Banki - Famous Inventor

: Donat Banki
: 6-June-1859
: 1-August-1922
: Hungary
: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
: Mechanical Engineer and Inventor

About Inventor

Donat Banki (1859 – 1922) was a Hungarian mechanical engineer and inventor. In 1893 he invented the carburetor for the stationary engine,together with Janos Csonka.Banki also greatly contributed to the design of compressors for combustion engines.He invented a water-turbine, as well, which is named after him.

In 1898, Donat Banki invented the high-compression engine with a dual carburetor, an evaporation method used ever since.


The invention of the carburetor helped the development of automobiles, as previously no method was known to correctly mix the fuel and air for engines.

Some sources say that the idea of the carburetor came from a flower girl. One evening, Banki saw her while walking home from the Budapest Technical University. She was sprinkling water onto her flowers by blowing spray from her mouth.


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