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Carl Richard Nyberg - Famous Inventor

: Carl Richard Nyberg
: 28-May-1858
: 1939
: Sweden
: Metal worker
: Inventor, Industrialist

About Inventor

Carl Richard Nyberg (1858–1939) was the founder of Max Sieverts Lödlampfabrik, then one of the largest industries in Sundbyberg, Sweden. Nyberg was born in Arboga. After school he started working for a jeweller and later he moved to Stockholm and worked with various metalworks. He later got work at J. E. Eriksons mekaniska verkstad.

Carl Richard Nyberg was a Swedish inventor and industrialist best known for the invention of the blowtorch (or blow lamp). Born in Arboga, Sweden in 1858, Nyberg later moved to Stockholm and became a metal worker. Shortly thereafter Nyberg developed the idea of the blowtorch to apply directed heat to a metal surface. This device varied from existing heating tools in that it provided a very concentrated source of heat. In the interest of safety, Nyberg included a shut off mechanism which would detect high pressure in the fuel tank as a means to avoid an explosion. His initial attempts to manufacture and sell his invention on a small scale were not efficient or successful.

In 1886 Nyberg meets the German businessman Max Sievert who offered his skills to help market and distribute the blowtorch globally. This lead to much more success, and Nyberg's invention began to bring in much more money. After expanding the production of the blowtorch, Nyberg also began the mass production of kerosene stoves. Nyberg would later work on things like the steam engine, aeroplane, and boat propeller, and was known as "Flyg-Nyberg" for his work in aviation.


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