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Alexei Tupolev - Famous Inventor

: Alexei Tupolev
: 20-May-1925
: 12-May-2001
: Russia
: Moscow Aviation Institute
: Aircraft designer

About Inventor

Aleksey Andreyevich Tupolev,who lived between (1925-2001),is a  Russian aircraft designer who contributed to the design of many of the Soviet Union’s most successful jet airplanes, including the Tu-104 (the country’s first commercial jetliner), the Tu-134 (for short-range commercial flights), and the Tu-154 (for medium-range flights), as well as two variable-wing jet bombers, the medium-range Tu-22M (or Tu-26; known in the West as the “Backfire”) and the long-range Tu-160 (known as the “Blackjack”).

Tupolev became chief designer at the Tupolev aerospace design bureau in 1963 and succeeded his father, the celebrated aircraft designer Andrey N. Tupolev, as chief of the design bureau upon the elder Tupolev’s death in 1972. His most ambitious enterprise, the world’s first supersonic passenger jet, the Tu-144, ended in failure. The Tu-144 had its first test flight in 1968, two months before the Anglo-French Concorde, and flew more than 100 scheduled flights within the Soviet Union, but fatal crashes in 1973 and 1977 spelled the project’s end.


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Alexei Tupolev-Alexei Tupolev


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Alexei Tupolev-Alexei Tupolev


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