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Aerowagon - Invented by Valerian Abakovsky

Valerian Abakovsky-Aerowagon
: Valerian Abakovsky (Know about Valerian Abakovsky)
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: Latvia
: Energy

About Invention

The Aerowagon or aeromotowagon was an experimental high-speed railcar fitted with an aircraft engine and propeller traction invented by Valerian Abakovsky, a Russian engineer from Latvia. It was originally intended to carry Soviet officials.

Valerian Abakovsky was a Russian inventor who died when his invention, the high-speed Aerowagon train engine, derailed on a test run, killing Abakovsky and five others. The Aerowagon had an airplane engine and propeller and was designed to carry Soviet officials to and from Moscow. Abakovsky's invention worked fine on the outgoing leg of the test run but crashed during its return to the capital city. Abakovsky was just 26 years old.


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