Ministry of Education-Argentina

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Location: Buenos Aires,Buenos Aires F.D.,Argentina
Ministry Head:Alberto Estanislao Sileoni
Responsible: Aldo Luis Caballero
Contact Number: 011 4129-1000
935 Pizzurno C1020ACA
Ministry of Education-Argentina

About Ministry of Education-Argentina

The Ministry of Education's Office is the body, agency or branch of the National Executive that sets educational policies and strategies, as participation procedures established by the National Education Law No. 26,206.

The national government, provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in a concerted and concurrently, are responsible for planning, organizing, supervising and funding the national education system; must guarantee access to education at all levels and modalities, creating and administering educational institutions of state management. In turn, the national government created and funded National Universities.

The Argentine education system is organized services and educational activities regulated by the State, which enable the exercise of the right to education as a whole. This system is composed of state education services and private management, cooperative management and social management of all jurisdictions in the country, covering the different levels, cycles and modalities of education defined in Law No. 26,206.



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