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No School Bag Day

Lavanya posted 3 years ago
Today, former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam' birthday anniversary, the Maharashtra government has decided to celebrate Vaachan Prerna Diwas or `Reading Day' on this occasion. And the city school students will not bring their school bags to celebrate "No School Bag Day".

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Zarahnitsa replied 3 years ago
Its really good initiative by Maharashtra Government.It helps to increase the students reading level.
Dhivya Anandh replied 3 years ago
Great...Its a tribute to kalam sir... All states should celebrate this day and teach to students in kalam sir's way....
Tara replied 3 years ago
Great move. It helps students to improve their interest on reading valuable books.
Merlin Vimal replied 3 years ago
Making students to read non-academic books and conducting programs on importance of reading for them will enhance their reading skills. This is one of the best way to celebrate the birthday of the Great Legend Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam.
Radha replied 3 years ago
This move reduces the burden of the students for a day and makes them enjoy.