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Important skills for school students

Merlin Vimal posted 3 years ago
Basically a school student has to develop reading and writing skills. Added to this school students have to develop certain important skills that will help them to shine in future. Here are some important skills for school students:-

* Oral/wriitten communication
* Questioning
* Accountability/responsibility
* Digital literacy
* Critical thinking
* Leadership
* Curiosity and imagination
* Problem solving
* Time Management
* Problem solving and Team working

Can someone share other important skills that need to be gained by school students? If so share it......

3 answers

chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Yep... well said. These are the very basic skills students should be focused and learned. I would suggest one "Self learning" is the very important to develop learning skills.
Lavanya replied 3 years ago
Both of you are right... Above mentioned skills are very essential for the students and they must have concentration and good study habits.
jack marco replied 3 years ago
I accept all these and I could say the two major things for the budding kids are culture and discipline.