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Child tracking system

Jaslynn Joan posted 3 years ago
HRD Minister introduces child-tracking system for over 200 million children across the nation. It helps to track the progress of each children and to improve their strength in where they are lagging. It also helping states who are lacking behind in education by helping them in developing composite schools by rationalizing stand-alone schools that consists of only one teacher.

4 answers

Madhuranjani replied 3 years ago

Its a good system, which helps to grow up the unique talents from childrens.
Tara replied 3 years ago
Its really great... This tracking system would helps to find the difficulties faced by children and helps them to improve their progress.
chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Yeah... It is really awesome. Nowadays this system is very important to protect and monitor children activities.
jack marco replied 3 years ago
I don't wanna get in to the summary and the tittle portrays the gist.This is really a gifted one to the parents.