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800 Foreign Experts to Teach in India

Dhivya Anandh posted 4 years ago
Indian government is planning to to bring 800 experts from across the World to teach in institutions in the country, with no cost to the students. The Prime Minister had a vision of inviting academicians of repute, industry experts and researchers from the world over under a programme in India, to come and teach in our central universities and IITs, IIMs and other institutions.

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Merlin Vimal replied 4 years ago
This a good move by Government which will standardize and improve the education system of India. Indian students are talented and if they are taught by experts surely they will reach great heights.
Madhavi replied 4 years ago
Better bring the talented experts to teach for primary level, which would be much beneficial for students and will help them to get strong base, than inviting them to IITs and IIMs.