Shiksha Vriddhi Educational Consultancy

Shiksha Vriddhi Educational Consultancy

 Kolkata, Bengal, India

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Shiksha Vriddhi is one of the leading Educational Consultancies in West Bengal. This renowned firm of Kolkata has been making news for a number of years now in the field of academic assistance. Its goal is to enable aspiring students to achieve degrees in various disciplines such as MD,MS.M.B.B.S,MDS,BDS, B.Tech, Engineering, Management courses etc in private colleges of Bangalore, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Delhi and other states. We are committed to help & guide the students that seek our help to find admission openings in medical and engineering colleges. Through our valuable consultancy and proper guidelines, students can get admitted into renowned colleges situated in various cities/states as we have extensive networks and are directly connected with lots of colleges all over India. Any aspiring student can contact us for his or her enquiries related to selection of institution, semester fees, admission procedure, commencement of academic sessions and so on. This information will be provided in details so that the students can brush aside all their worries and take a final decision confidently. It is significant to mention here that discount facilities are available for payment of capitation fees when the students get admitted through our firm. To make your dream come true, Shiksha Vriddhi Education Consultancy of Kolkata can help you immensely even if you are an average student so that you can go ahead with right planning on the dent of hard work. Our aim is to help you stand on your feet with determination and turn the tides in your favour. Once you get in touch with Shiksha Vriddhi Education Consultancy your search for the right college and course will become an easy matter that is well within your reach. We believe those who want to prosper in life and achieve name and fame have to strive hard to have a degree to their credit in order to prove their eligibility on the job front. This bachelor degree is a basic tool for shaping your dream career and we assure you that with our sincere and efficient services we will pave the way for achieving the desired objective and turning your dreams into a reality! Shiksha Vriddhi Educational Consultancy also provides career guidance, career counseling, MBBS and Engineering admission through management quota.



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Shiksha Vriddhi Education Consultancy of Kolkata has a vast experience in the field of education and a productive working knowledge of the academic centers, colleges and universities. We have all the information related to academic and financial matters which we can share with the students and guardians. We also take up the issues of individual candidates as the case maybe and solve them accordingly.Taking the right decision your career demands at the most crucial point in time is indeed a difficult tasks.It does not matter what you decide upon, but where your decision takes you and the difference it makes in your life. That is why we are here. Shiksha Vriddhi, the most professionally managed educational consultant of Eastern India.


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Mr. Prabir Halder


4, Govt. Place North, Olisha Building, 4th Floor, Cabin No.4p/4Q. Kolkata - 700001


Bengal, India

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