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Established On : 2010

Education Consultant Agency UK is an established education advice service for international students. We can help you to find the right course, at the right institution, and make sure that you gain admission quickly and securely.Our expertise, knowledge and contacts will ensure that you achieve your ambitions, whether you choose to continue your education in the UK or elsewhere.We can assist with application and enrolments to all types of course, from short periods of language study, through to international foundation and pre-masters courses, and on to bachelors, masters and PhD degrees.



Services Of Education Consultant Agency UK

Help and advice on choosing courses

Do you want to acquire or improve your English? Are you interested in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? We are dedicated to finding the right course for you and helping you through the application process. We are connected to a large amount of institutions in the UK and are able to advise you on the best placement for your requirements. Find out more about some of our selected Universities or extend our list with your own choice

Admissions advice and process management

Course admission and registration could be a difficult and time consuming process for international students. We can help you save time and your energy by providing advice all the way through until you are ready to join the course. Find out more about some of our selected Universities or extend our list with your own choice

Student visa advice and applications

Our immigration department, ECA Legal, is regulated by the UK Government’s Office for the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), and has an excellent record of success in obtaining Tier 4 student and student visitor visas. We also specialise in obtaining visas to allow parents access to the UK while their children are here, and for more permanent residence.

Ask about our fixed price student visa services, our family packages for boarding school entry, and our premium and business services for professional and business people to gain permanent settlement in the UK.

Accommodation advice and arrangements

We endeavour to make your transition from the home country to the UK as seamless as possible. We have information on where to find homestays, accommodation on campus, international student housing, short term housing and hostels, realtor agencies for longer term leases and hotels, if you prefer. If there are any queries or if you are desperate to find a place to live, we have a wide range of networks to support you in this process. We have personal as well as professional experience in relocating in the UK and can advise you on things to be aware of as well as the best neighbourhoods and areas in which to live.

Travel advice, flight booking and airport pickup

We care about the student’s transition from their home country to the UK; our advice is comprehensive and will instil confidence in your move. We can help you to find airline providers and book you a pick up at the airport to get you to your chosen accommodation- or let you know the easiest way to find it!One-to-one tutor programmes, assignment advice and thesis consultancy

Do you want to gain more confidence and have a deeper understanding of the English language or other academic theory? There are many benefits to having a one-on-one tutor! We will introduce you to professionals who offer highly effective tutoring programs that focus on academic and language improvements. These individuals can help edit your papers, mentor you through your thesis process and help you come up with an interesting topic that mirrors issues related to your chosen field.

Student social activities and events

One reason you are studying abroad is to meet other international students! With our social activities and events program you will have an outlet external to your institution in which to do so. Make new friends, experience the English culture, and explore the UK. We will keep you updated, join us on Facebook or sign in for our newsletter; with our membership you will have a lifetime support (and we mean it!).


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Mrs Amanda Selvaratnam


7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE


England, United Kingdom

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