Women Education And Social Empowerment

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Foundations / General Education
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Women education and Social Empowerment has been an area of debate and serious concern for the last tow decades. As far as India is concerned, social empowerment of women and their education have been wrangled by many social taboos. We have been witnessing 'The Women Bill' Being tossed around on the floors of both the houses of the Parliament for a couple of years passed. This goes on to show that even the politicians, who are the people's representatives, underplay the women's cause as they are also the part of the social system, which sees to it that the women education and social empowerment stay at the stagnant phase. Writing this book is timed to expose the fraudulent champions or so called torch bearers of the women's cause, who keep an eye only on the vote bank of women. This book unveils the real problems in faced by women in all the spheres of life. Although, virtually in all the areas women have imprinted their mark as not being inferior to men in any way, still, majority of women is not free from the shackles of many social evils. This dowry system is still prevalent in India, cutting across the social strata, child marriages still take place in interior parts of the country. the readers will undoubtably find many a solution for emancipating women form the problems being faced by them. It is rightly hoped that this book would serve the purpose of a good reference work.