Textbook Of Community Nutrition

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The first edition of Textbook of Community Nutrition is designed to provide the student with knowledge of fundamentals in community nutrition in a way that will help the learners to comprehend and develop in-depth knowledge in public health and nutrition. This book also fills the lacunae of availability of proper undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum -oriented book in the field of community nutrition in Indian and Indian sub-continent perspectives. The key features of the book include : Presented in a learner-oriented approach and without any lingual jargon. Highlights the recent data on community health and nutrition in Indian and Indian sub-continent aspects Enriched with numerous charts, tables, figures, and illustrations for better understanding of the subject Each chapter and each topic are explained in a systematic and sequential manner for easy comprehension Depicts the past and ongoing nutritional programmes and policies adopted at national and international levels to ensure community health and nutrition With these features, this book will be not only helpful for nutrition students but also will be able to serve medical and paramedical students and professional in acquiring knowledge in community health and nutrition.

Recent Reviews

Excellent book on community nutrition

this book is a complete book in the field of community nutrition containing all essential information and knowledge in very lucid and interesting manner. the author has put her excellent effort to streamline a vast subject in a nut shell. this book will worth for students of nutrition ,nursing and also medical students both undergraduates and postgraduates.