Storming The Global Business

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Tomorrow is going to be far more different than today; even much more if we compare the present to the past. The business environment has undergone a sea-change. The corporate dinosaur is the museum relic of the 21st century. Organisations that topped in the Fortune 500 companies hardly find the same place today. The business organisations are going through the most chaotic and turbulent phases of recession. In the changing global business scenario, Asia is emerging as a prominent business leader. The changes in the practice and principles of management have created serious doubts in the minds of the business leaders and thinkers. This has necessitated re-writing the business policies and strategies.The theme ‘Storming the Global Business: Rise of the Asian Tigers’ is devoted to understanding the business in Asia and the rise of Asian nations in the arena of global business. These nations have taken the business world by a storm and are continuing to hold an enviable position in global business. These economies have been the subject of recent attention, with much of the focus going to their macro-economic conditions and their suitability for global business. Yet, little is known about the business environment at the micro-level. To this end, information found in the cases on Asian companies and/or MNCs operating in the Asia-Pacific helps to redress this imbalance by showcasing the issues related to doing business in the Asian milieu. This spectacular rise of the Asian nations or TIGERS (as they are being popularly called) warrants considerable research from the academia and the industry.