Principles Of Marketing

Publisher : PHI Learning
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Published Date : Dec-13
New Delhi/India
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Marketing is an essential business activity therefore it is necessary for students to understand its basic concepts and strategies.The book has been written with the objective of providing students with the latest information on various marketing strategies in an organised and simplified format. Besides discussing fundamental concepts, the book also explains various emerging issues in marketing such as customer relationship marketing, rural marketing, direct marketing, green marketing and marketing of services. The subject matter has been presented in a simple and lucid manner. The text, supported with a variety of illustrations and diagrams, enables students to understand and grasp concepts easily.Each chapter begins with the learning objectives to provide a bird’s eye view of the content. At the chapter-end, a summary is provided in bullet points to help students conceptualise and recapitulate the chapter quickly. Various objective and subjective type questions are provided to help students to test their knowledge and understanding of the topics before moving on to the next concept. Inclusion of case studies and examples of corporate sector provide a practical orientation to the text and help students to understand concepts in context of real-world situation.