Practical Digital Signal Processing

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PRACTICAL DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING covers the principles, procedures, techniques and applications of one of the upcoming aids to non-destructive testing – Digital Signal Processing (DSP). DSP is one of the most powerful technologies that has shaped science and engineering in the twenty-first century causing revolutionary changes in a wide variety of fields ranging from electrical engineering, communications, medical imaging, radar & sonar, high fidelity music reproduction and non-destructive testing. DSP is traditionally a highly mathematical subject. However, this book has been conceived and written in such a way that practical DSP techniques can be learned and used without the traditional barriers of detailed mathematics and theory. The book has five chapters. The first chapter provides a brief overview of signals, their classification and also conversion methods from analog to digital. The second chapter concentrates on signal processing methods and data analysis. The third chapter provides an insight into the advanced DSP techniques such as cross correlation, cluster analysis, artificial neural network etc. The fourth chapter provides an overview of the basics of Digital Image Processing (DIP) while the fifth chapter details the applications of DSP and DIP by the authors and their colleagues. This book is intended to be a guide for the beginner in the field with engineering or science background. NDE managers and professionals intending to have an overview of the fundamental aspects would also benefit from the contents of the book.