Political Science

Publisher : New Age International (P) Limited
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Published Date : Apr/07
New Delhi/India
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This volume consisting of Political Theory (Part I) and the Constitution of India (Part II) practically covers the syllabi prescribed by the Higher Secondary Councils/Boards of the North Eastern States of India as well as the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong for the final year students of +2 stage. As a matter of fact, all the important topics of the subject forming part of the syllabi prescribed by the various Councils/Boards in India for the students of +2 stage have been incorporated in either the Vol. I or Vol. II of this book. This Vol II thus, roughly contains all the topics essential for the final year students of the +2 stage. Comprehensive presentation, clear exposition and brief description, simple, lucid and easy language, step by step treatment and incorporation of a number of essay type, short answer type and objective type model questions at the end of every chapter are its noteworthy features. Detailed discussion of every topic with necessary data is sure to make the book extremely helpful to the students for finding out answers to all possible questions, more particularly, the objective type questions which require definite information of facts. Degree students offering Political Science, candidates appearing at competitive examinations and general readers interested in political theory and Indian Constitution will also find the book useful.