Modern English Grammar: Structure, Meanings, And Usage

Publisher : Oxford University Press
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Published Date : Dec/13
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New Delhi/India
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Authoritative, comprehensive, and definitive, Modern English Grammar takes a fresh look at how the English language works in the Indian context. Broadly divided into two parts—'The Parts of Speech' and 'Sentence Structure'—the book examines critical components of modern English grammar: finite and non-finite verbs (gerunds, participles, and infinitives); tense, mood and voice (active and passive); phrasal verbs; different kinds of clauses; punctuation; and more generally, information organization in a sentence. Setting the context for later discussion, the Introduction dwells on the study of grammar, the parts of speech, units of structure, and functions in the sentence. Devoting special attention to clarifying concepts, constructions, and usages, each chapter provides considerable examples to illustrate the issues discussed, and exercises to test the students' understanding. Particularly useful for school and college students, this volume will be helpful for lawyers, doctors, and management professionals. IT and call centre professionals as well as general readers will find the book extremely useful.