Management And Socio-economic Development

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Management is a strategic factor in economic and social development. It influences and determines the success of any development plan, and is at the same time susceptible to deliberate social control and change. The inadequacy of administration in many developing countries is now recognized as a major Obstacle to development. Herbert Emmerich, a noted scholar and administrator, estimates that most of the plans are incapable of being fulfilled because of administration.If there is no institutionalized and dependable state welfare system for people they will try to develop their own security and welfare system without taking into account the impact of these on resources of society. In absence of strong socio-cultural mechanism working against the preferential growth of surplus by an individual or any social organization. The tendency is to monopolize resources within families with a resulting social stratification based on control of surpluses. This is scholarly attempt to look into various issues pertaining to the Socio-Economic Development. The book contains 18 selected chapters contributed by Academicians, Scientist and bureaucrats from all over India. The discussions and conclusions drawn in the book by the contributors would be immense help for researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and administrators in the field as well as policy formulation by concern authorities.