Inclusive Finance India Report 2014

Publisher : Oxford University Press
Publisher Address : 1st Floor, YMCA Library Building, 1, Jai Singh Road, Post Box 43,New Delhi - 110001,India
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Published Date : Dec/14
New Delhi/India
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Inclusive Finance India Report 2014 presents in-depth research and analysis on financial inclusion with evidence on the decisive shift in the positioning of microfinance within the financial system of India. Following up on Microfinance State of the Sector Report 2013 by the authors, this year's report focuses on recent developments in inclusive financing and efforts by governments and banks in extending financial services to the unbanked and underbanked regions and populations. The report tracks the progress of financial inclusion initiatives across institutional structures and delivery models, including the main microfinance channels. It contributes to an understanding of the complexities of the financial inclusion process, reviews policy development on inclusive finance, and highlights key challenges and opportunities for diverse stakeholders. A comprehensive reference on annual trends and progress of financial inclusion and the microfinance sector, the report synthesizes data and inputs from the Reserve Bank of India, NABARD, Ministry of Finance, banks, apex financial institutions, technology services providers, sector experts, and resource agencies. It serves to provide a perspective on the practice of financial inclusion in India as well as informing the policy formulation process.