Highway Engineering

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Published Date : 2011-09-07
New Delhi/India
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After the first world war the importance of highways was felt and realized. The concept of highway engineering has changed during the last two decades. The thumb rule concept has become a thing of the past. With the increasing importance of highways for the prosperity and integrity of the country and with the increasing cost of construction and maintenance of highways, the trend of construction, planning and designing has also changed. The central road research Institute and P.W.D. Research centres all over the country have contributed a lot in the design, planning road user safety, construction and economy etc. The present work is the outcome of author’s long association with the subject as a teacher and as a student. Efforts have been made to present the subject matter in a lucid manner. The author does not claim any originality but sufficient pains have been taken in compiling the work by consulting important works and Road Research journals. The subject matter is presented from the introduction so that the book may prove useful to diploma and degree students as well as practising engineers. The book presents acceptable theory and construction practices. Important topics such as bituminous roads, stabilized earth roads, traffic engineering, pavement design and highway planning and economics have been comprehensively dealt. Hill Roads including construction and layout of tunnels have been given special emphasis. Airport Engineering through it is not a part of highway engineering, has also been touched so as to introduce the subject matter.