Handbook Of Neurological Examination

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Published Date : Jul-05
New Delhi/India
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Very few standard books on neurological examination are available in the market today that give a comprehensive analysis of the subject. Here, for the first time, a well-known neurologist, Dr. Navneet Kumar, with his expertise and his many years of experience in teaching and treating numerous patients afflicted with various neurological disorders, tells the medical students as well as practising physicians or neurologists how to conduct neurological examination of the patient in a scientific and systematic manner. He shows with, great skill, how the examination of first impression and gait, history taking, and examination of higher mental functions including speech are to be conducted.The text focuses on, among others, the examination of all the cranial nerves (First to Twelfth), the motor system, movement disorders, the sensory system, the autonomic nervous system, and bladder dysfunction, with equal deftness. Finally, this handbook provides different approaches to examine the unconscious patient, and special neurological situations, the methods of neurological investigation, as well as the methods of case sheet writing.This book is intended primarily as a practical handbook for the students of MBBS, MD (Medicine), DNB (Medicine), Paediatrics and Psychiatry. The book would also be of great value to the students of DM (Neurology) and M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) as well as practising physicians and neurologists.