Gravitation Demythicised

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Here is a book on the general relativity written by a very ordinary man with hardly any academic achievement. Why should I write a book on such a tough subject when there are any number of books written on it by very eminent persons? While all the books so far are written by experts, they are also meant for those who want to be experts too! So there was a need, which I had felt as a student, for a book meant for ordinary people like me. When I wanted to attend a course on the GR, there was this comment what will he understand the GR? it is highly mathematical involving such exotic mathematical objects like tensors! My aim, therefore, was to write a book which could be read by any serious person with minimum knowledge of mathematics - calculus, and vectors of pre degree class. However, I cannot forget the publishers of my book. When I approached them I was told that they had so far not published a book on a science subject, but could publish my books because of my long standing association with them as a customer of Sterling Book House, the mother institution, of over 40 years standing. I am happy because Mr. Amin Shroff himself is an admirer of Einstein and the book will be in good shape when it is published.