Global Business Laws & Taxation

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Law & Criminology
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of global business laws and taxation in India. It presents an introduction to the legal system in general before going on to provide a thorough analysis of the keyaspects such as regulation, taxation, competition, contracts, intellectual property law, among many others. Where appropriate, cases and international comparsons are included to help illustrate the practical workingsof this complex system. The book will be an invaluable guide for students, who want a clear understanding of legislation relating to business in contemporary India. Since managers and executives are sometimesrequired to plead in front of the court, they need to have a good understanding of the legal aspect of business. However, the requirements of a commerce and management student are di erent from law students. This book adopts a fresh approach to study and read global business law. It book is designed particularly for BBA, MBA, MBE, MIBM, MFT, BBA (Foreign Trade), MBA (Foreign Trade and International Business) as accordance to the syllabi. It is written in a student-friendly language without compromising on the technical details. This book is divided into seven chapters. It covers various topics of business law, namely, Contract Act, Sales of Goods Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, Custom Act, Laws related to Insurance, Income Tax, Double Taxation, United States Laws related to Product Liability, Anti Trust, Anti Boycott, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Securities Laws. It does also include the laws related to Green Marketing, Bribery; each chapter consists of four elements. (i) Theory supported with necessary examples (ii) Landmark Judgments; (iii) Case Studies and (iv) Questions Bank. The book is supported with interpretations, explanations and illustrations to helpstudents understand provisions in a better way. We are sure that this book will be helpful and meaningful to the Faculty and Students fraternity; we shall feel amply rewarded if the book proves helpful in the better understanding of global business law.