Fuzzy Control

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Published Date : Oct/08
Computing and Computer Science
New Delhi/India
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The book provides a critical discussion of fuzzy controllers from the perspective of classical control theory. Special emphases are placed on topics that are of importance for industrial applications, like (self) tuning of fuzzy controllers, optimization and stability analysis. The book is written as a textbook for graduate students as well as a comprehensive reference book about fuzzy control for researchers and application engineers. Starting with a detailed introduction to fuzzy systems and control theory the reader is guided to up-to-date research results. The series ``Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing`` contains publications on various areas within the so-called soft computing which include fuzzy sets, rough sets, neural networks, evolutionary computations, probabilistic and evidential reasoning, multi-valued logic, and related fields. The publications within ``Studies in fuzziness and Soft Computing`` are primarily monographs and edited volumes. They cover significant recent developments in the field, both of a foundational and applicable character. An important feature of the series is its short publication time and worldwide distribution. This permits a rapid and broad dissemination of research results.