Data Warehouse And Data Mining: Concepts And Techniques

Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
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Published Date : N/A
Computing and Computer Science
New Delhi/India
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This book is about the need, the value, and the technological means of acquiring and using information in the information age. It is intended to become the handbook and the guide for anybody who's interested in, planning, or working on data warehousing and related issues. This audience is quite large, and includes both technology and business people. Among them are information technology managers, business analysts, marketing managers, product planners, client/ server application developers, information security officers, and system and database administrators. Data warehousing and its advantages, features and usage are discussed against the background of the evolution of the computing models, hardware and software innovation for parallel processing, client/server architecture and implementations, and DBMS. Using these topics as a foundation of the book proceeds to analyze the components of a data warehouse, including data sourcing and transformation tools, parallel database technology, metadata management, query, reporting, OLAP, data mining tools, and information delivery over the Web.