Core Java 2 (rapidex Condensed User Guide)

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Computing and Computer Science
New Delhi/India
978 81 7806 015 6
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Do you know that Java is a slang for coffee and thus named because umpteen cups of coffee were guzzled down by the developers during its creation!This book will tell you many such interesting stories while providing you great insight and help to understand Java and leading you to the core of this language.Remember, Java is simultaneously a programming language and a platform. The Sun Microsystems, whose engineers developed it,has characterized Java as :*Simple *Object-oriented *Distributed *Interpreted *Robust *Secure architecture-neutral, portable, high performance, multi-threaded and dynamic tool.It is the language of future. Java is popularly and (falsely) viewed as the only way to include graphic and audio animation in HTML pages. But there is more to Java than that. With version 1.2 it has become a polyvalent and sophisticated software development language.The most important feature of this book is that it introduces this difficult language in such a lucid and easy-to-understand style sans technical jargons that readers will find the learning a simple cakewalk and by the time you finish this book you will know everything about this programming language and can confidently apply it. The author with his rich experience and expertise has further added: *apt illustrations *charts *dialogue boxes and *handy tips to make it more comprehensive and interesting.