Computer For Law Students

Publisher : Scientific Publishers
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Published Date : Apr-11
Computing and Computer Science
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The science and technology of Computer and Internet have rapidly brought the human civilization spread across the world very close into a global village. For this progress, there is a curse of Cyber crime. For prevention, detection, and justice, the future lawyers must have proper knowledge of computer also. Introduction of various aspects of computer and its application in syllabus for LL.B and LL.M. curriculum is a natural consequence. The organization of chapters in this book has been done accordingly and author has tried to cover all the portion of syllabus so that students need not search for other books. This book meets the great and long awaited demand of a standard book on Computer which would enable the students especially, the law students to acquaint themselves with the basic concepts of computer and to understand its niceties and intricacies. The language of the book is very simple with graphics, keeping in mind that students might have passed 12th standard or graduation examinations in other than english medium before taking admission for Law degree.