Classroom Teaching And Management

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An instructional guide for secondary school interns, student teachers and teachers to-be. A vehicle for evaluation and change for experienced teachers. This clearly written and user-friendly guidebook can be your launch pad to mastery in the classroom. The book shows you how to plan the daily lesson, institute classroom rules, use a variety of lesson types, establish and maintain the class record book, develop positive questioning techniques, establish preventive discipline procedures, design meaningful tests, teach across the curriculum and more. This book will inspire confidence in the user. The new teacher will not fear entering his/her classroom the very first time. This book is also a staff development text that will aid staff developers by: training teachers, being cost effective, improving staff morale, diminishing student absenteeism, and setting a positive school tone. Teaching and the Art of Successful Classroom Management will greatly assist an academic or vocational supervisor who seeks to uplift classroom instruction within his/her department. The book is an outstanding supplement for secondary school methods students at the university level. It will reinforce an Education professors instruction, provide students with the means for meeting complex daily routines in their future classrooms and lay a foundation for new teachers to be skilled goal achievers.